Posted on: January 4, 2012 10:58 pm

How Focused is Alabama in New Orleans?

Larry Burton (Feature Writer) Is this a bowl game for fun and games and a reward for a great season or business as usual for this team? That is the question whose answer may decide the outcome of this years BCS National Championship Game.

Other questions that need to be answered are, Is Alabama focused on the business at hand and in improving their play with each practice, or is it just revenge on their minds?

Are they focused on what they can do or focused on LSU could do?

If you know Nick Saban, you can guess the answers to these questions.

"I never worry about what the other teams are doing, what they're saying or any of that. I only worry about things I have control over. Am we doing everything we have to do to get better each day? That's what I worry about about." Saban told us in a past press conference.

So you can bet that it's business as usual for Alabama and the Crimson Tide this week as they prepare and have their final practices in New Orleans.

There will be plenty of time for fun later.

Now the intriguing this for Alabama fans to know is how the LSU team would answer these questions?

The answers to that may just come with the play and outcome of the game in just a few days, and results rarely fail to tell the truth.

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